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This baby is almost here and we have our call with Ashlee today!

I only have 6 days until my due date. yay!! ...and then the real fun of taking pictures begins. This little girl is going to have more pictures that we will ever know what to do with. But it's going to be oh, so fun! 

Don't forget our call with Ashlee today at 10am PST/11am MST/12pm CST/1pm EST.

Today's topic is all about connecting to other people, especially to our children.
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From Ashlee, 

"Your kids, your significant other, your neighbors, your family.  These are the people you love, who teach you things about yourself you maybe didn't want to learn.  You know those moments that cause you to shake your head at both yourself and your child?  These are the moments we are going to talk about!  You want to connect to your people, yet sometimes it is just hard.  I find most of my clients want to connect to their children in a deeper more permanent way, yet something is just energetically stuck and they don't quiet know how to connect with their children on that level.  Our call today will set the stage for you to interact with your children in an entirely different pattern.

Not only will we share some key tools and clean the past energy between your loved ones, I will give you my best tips for flowing positivie energy to your children.  These tips are tried and true and are the ones I teach my paying clients over and over again!  The tools you will learn will allow you to give your children gifts of positive energy over and over.  See you on the call!"

I'm so excited for the call!

 Also, be sure to submit your photos this week! (send a link to your photos to me Here is the link to the submissions so far. Go and vote.

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