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3 Tips to better family Photo's! & Get in on the inspirational call today!

Today is the day to be inspired!

Our call with Ashlee begins soon. I'm so excited to share in her talents and have her show you what can happen with just a little tweaking. Life is meant to be enjoyed so don't let anything get in your way of that. Today the topic is on Relationships: Owning your own power and creating relationships that honor both of you.

Ashlee says, 
"Mmm....Relationships.  We have them, want them, need them, love them and cringe because of them at times!  Let's help you get balanced in your relationships.  Join Katie and me to discover how to own your own power and how to honor yourself and others. 
As always, the call will be free, fun and fabulous.  You are welcome to email specific requests for the call if you have a specific relationship that needs to be shifted into positive energy. (email me at: Your relationships are meant to be strong and supportive.  Lets make it happen.  You deserve to be free and it is time to enjoy life as it was meant to be"  
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The call starts today at 10am PST/11am MST/12pm CST/1pm EST and lasts for 45 minutes.
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  How is everyone doing with taking a Family Photo? Here are 3 tips to get you going...
(many of these tips come from my new book, The Key to Natural Posing
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1-Get everyone in a good mood. 
I know, I know...WAY easier said than done. Believe me, I know. Some key points to remember is to RELAX. If you are stressed or anxious about about getting that perfect picture, it will surely spread to the rest of your family and show up in the photo. So take a couple deep breaths and keep things light, easy and fun. No threatening or mumblings curse words under your breath because your kids won't act normal. (been there, done that. But it doesn't work!) 
Get the kids on board and have them help you create special family moments by asking for their input and idea's on what you can do to make the experience fun. Play a game of ring around the rosies, sneak up on Dad and tickle him, or see how high everyone can jump on the count of 3. The trick is to involve the kids in the planning and ideas instead of forcing them to be happy and act natural.
2- Have everyone touching in some way.
To show closeness and togetherness try to have everyone touching. For example, hold hands, put an arm around the waist, hold little kiddos, give hugs, etc. This will be a huge help to capture the unity that you share within your family.
3- Not everyone has to be looking at the camera. 
To capture the natural side of your family, not everyone has to be looking at the camera. have some of you look at each other and a couple others looking at the camera. Or say, "Okay, now everyone look at Mom!" Or "Let's all make silly faces at Dad now!'
 Getting a great picture is a combination of many things but one of the most important aspects is being able to capture true love and emotion within your family. So sit back, relax and see what happens...
 To enter the photo contest: (you can submit up to 3 entries per week)
Simply send me an email ( with a link to your photo(s) on your blog, flickr, etc. (Sorry but I can't accept any photos that are emailed to me or on facebook.) I will then "pin' your photo(s) to a pinterest board that is created specific for each week of the contest.
Give your friends and family this link to the pinterest board where your photo(s) will be. 

The winner will be chosen at midnight on Friday by whoever has the most "likes" on their photo. So recruit all of your friends and family to go and vote! They have to have a pinterest account to vote. (If they or you don't have a pinterest account is the time to sign-up! It's awesome. You won't be disappointed.)

One winner each week will receive:
- a complete set of my 3 ebooks: The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer, The Key to Natural Posing, The photo Essential Guide. Check it out here.
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