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Product Photography {Caramel Apples}

 Are you ready to sink your teeth into one of these yet?

Maddie is!

Well, today is your lucky day! I would like to introduce...
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These apples are SO GOOD. And what's even better is the PRICE! 

Quick story...
About 5 years ago we were at Disney World with my in-laws. My father-in-law knew I loved caramel apples so he bought me one. Later that evening, I sat next to him and proceeded to eat the apple. It was so GOOD. Really tasty. I wanted Jim (my fil) to know how much I appreciated his thoughtfulness so I kept mentioning just how GREAT it was. over and over. I finished the apple and didn't think anything of it. Until...I found out that Jim LOVES caramel apples too but he couldn't have one because he was wearing braces at the time! I felt so bad that I made such a big deal out of how great the apple was while he was sitting there wishing he could enjoy one too! 

Well, I decided as soon as his braces were off I would order a caramel apple and have it shipped to him. The day came, he got his braces off so I searched the web to find an apple for him. I was shocked my how expensive everything was. I couldn't find anything that was under $15 an apple!
But here comes Christa's apples...ALL of them are only $8.95! I was shocked by the quality AND the price. I was sold. 
 She has so many choices like Reeses, Cheesecake, Rocky Road, S'mores and MORE! 

And if you "like" them on Facebook you can take 20% off your order.

PLUS if you use the discount code: CCAKEP, you get a free Gourmet Double Pretzel Rod! (add it to your cart then use the discount code at checkout and it will take the charge off.)

So hurry you don't want to miss out!

And wish...

Order your apples today!
(I'm wishing I ordered more.)

Photo tip:
When I take product shots, I like to keep things simple in order to highlight the product. With this shoot I wanted to have a white background so this was my set-up:

I used all natural light (as usual). My setting were 50mm, 400 ISO, f/2.0, shutter speed ranging from 1/60th to 1/100th of a second.

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